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Greg Graffin of Bad Religion telling the truth

Marina Sirtis aka Counselor Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation will always be seen a but less in my eyes for this kind of mindset that men can’t be or aren’t abused as much as women or their abuse isn’t as important as women’s suffered abuse and could or should be dismissed.

what is it with next gen and feminism? i mean, we also have wilwheaton and we all know hes a moronic fuck

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I drew Spider-Man like the new Spider-Woman.

Ladies and gentlemen: this

I’m a woman and I think the one on the bottom looks absolutely terrifying.

I don’t see the point the author is trying to make. Is it the bad anatomy or the supposed objectifying? His mouth looks like a prolapsed rectum.

if oatmeal had pulled their head out of their ass for half a second and done a google search they would know that this happens to spiderman all the fucking time.

i mean come on dude you didnt event try at all. you were too busy trying to make this about female objectification that you forgot that THEY HAVE FUCKING SPIDER POWERS. THEY ARE SUPPOED TO CRAWL AROUND ON ALL FOURS AND ACT SPIDERY AND SHIT.

i swear man yall will raise a fuss about anything. no matter how stupid it is. can you imagine if people whined this way about men? 

I googled “Spiderman comic covers” and I could have played a drinking game every time a cover was centered lovingly on Spidey’s ass or bulge

Also, the only reason I watched the Spiderman movies was because of all the promotional photographs that had the camera glued to Andrew Garfield’s backside 

Spidey is the king of booty shots.  FFS at least do some research before you flap your gums. 

Definitely establishing a theme of ‘shit people complain about without checking the facts’.  

dont forget that the comic cover OP is pissed about is an alternate cover, and isnt the original

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